Illuminated safety chevrons

Pic showing a van fitted with Blinc Light illuminated safety chevrons lights off Pic showing a van fitted with Blinc Light illuminated safety chevrons lights on

High visibility.
Improved safety.

Illuminated chevron and safety signage solutions from Blinc Light are designed to dramatically improve visibility and create a safer working environment for those operating at the roadside or next to a live lane.

Critically, unlike some competitors, illuminated safety chevrons from Blinc Light meet Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations so you can be confident that roadside crews have the best available products fitted.


About Us

Blinc Light is the leader in illuminated chevron and safety signage for the fleet, transport and automotive industries. Our unique and revolutionary technology is suitable for all types of vehicles – including HGVs, vans, cars and specialist vehicles – and provides dramatically greater visibility than a premium-grade Chapter 8 chevron solution.

Blinc Light illuminated chevrons provide at least 14 times greater visibility at night than a premium-grade Chapter 8 chevron solution. This means a driver travelling at 70mph on a dual carriageway or motorway has almost 45 seconds longer to react, giving substantially more time to safely reduce speed and move into an adjacent lane. The unique illuminated technology also maintains the highest levels of performance in low light and poor weather conditions – such as rain and fog – without the same limitations experienced by traditional chevron technology.

Our illuminated chevrons are Chapter 8 compliant, Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations compliant and quick and easy to install, meaning your fleet is off the road for less time.

With a smooth, profile finish Illuminated chevrons are eye catching and the perfect option for commercial vehicles that incorporate safety graphics. Can be bespoke and designed to replicate your existing fleet design.

Simple to use; activated from a switch inside the cab. Illuminated chevrons provide 80,000 flashing hours and are energy efficient.



Blinc Light illuminated safety chevrons provide an increased level of visibility, especially for those working next to live traffic lanes. These videos demonstrate the effectiveness of our safety chevrons and the ease of which they can be fitted.



The Tiffin Box signs were perfect, and they loved them.
This is something we are going to push this year.

Lee Miller

Coventry Signs

Being a sign writer we are always looking at the best thing to stand out, the illuminated panels from Blinc Are a game changer.

James Frost

Director, Frost Signs

I believe it will help our teams operating in unsafe roadside areas to feel secure. (Link)

Kate Wilson

Northumbrian Water Group

Adding extra visibility above and beyond current standard Chapter 8 safety chevron solutions. An added boost to operator safety.

Steve Williams

Green Recovery


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